Custom theme's styles.css not being loaded on iOS (14, 15, 16) when deployed

I created a custom theme and followed the directions from v23 documentation. It works great when i run my app locally (i point an iphone to my locally running app), in non-prod mode. But when its deployed, the styles in the frontend/themes/default/styles.css file are not showing up on the browser. default is the name of my custom theme (@Theme(value = "default")).

Currently default folder only has 3 files. styles.css, theme.json, and components/vaadin-radio-group.css. The styles.css currently only has variable assignments and an import of Roboto font from google.

I am using vite. I notice it comes up in the logs during build process… in case that matters. From the build logs… [INFO] Running Vite ...

My build process is:


Any ideas what could be happening? It works on my Android phones and desktop.