Custom TextField Widgset...VTextField, VTextArea, ...

Hi Vaadimers ! :dry:

I’ve made a keypress filter TextField.
Works ok, but…but when I make it multiline, html generated is not TEXTAREA but INPUT…soo no multiline.

I understand that it’s because the ClientWidget annotation which target only one client class.

Soo…Questions: :cold:

  1. Must I create a custom WidgetSet (extend from DefaultWidgetSet) as I’m working with last Vaadin (6.3)
  2. If I must…how can I make it ? I already try different value in my /gwt/xml, but no…
  3. Must I create multi client class (derivated fril VTextField, VTextArea and VPassword) and implement same functionnality in ?

I resolved my problem by create server side TextField, TextArea (derived from TextField) and PasswordField (derived from TextField) with different client widget annotation.

For the client-side, I create VTextField, VTextArea and VPasswordField with each other reference to the RestrictEngine…

It’s perhaps not the best solution, but it is really bad one ?