Custom login properties

hey there, is it possible to add some additional properties to the login ui and process them? In fact i would also need something like an login listener, to connect to an external backend with the user credentials. Is that possible?

So i just want to do the login logic by myself and add some properties to it

Sounds like you should create your own Login Form - the build-in form isn’t meant for it.

How can I do the session handling manually?

The spring security stuff

If I understand you correctly you need a Login Form with e.g. a third field like a drop-down with a domain selection to process - this can be archived by creating a custom view in Vaadin based on the element API (low level) and using proper spring security filter

Basically i just want to set the login state manually

I think thats the easiest way

You can do that with the SecurityContextHolder, but I would highly suggest to go with spring security’s mechanism for authentication

That looks very scary