Custom Layouts With Background Images


for my customer i need some round edges and shadows in my layout for a content panel (without any caption in a sizable layout). I want to accomplish this through precise positioned background images. I first tried some custom layouts but i didn’t get vaadin manage the size of the content area (Setting the size of the inner div to 100% width and height in css didn’t work as vaadin will not update the width and height to real pixel values as in build-in layouts). I want to define 3 divs in a row where the left and right div contain the border images with the shadow and an inner div containing several other components and layouts and finally one div at the bottom containing the closing image for the layout (containing the round edges).

How do i accomplish this? Should i use a GridLayout for this problem? I am a little bit irritated by the lots of divs which are created from the build-in layout-components or should i just ignore that?

Thanks for your help,

Ok, i am now using the BorderLayout-Addon for this purpose, but i am thinking of writing an automated component for such issues.