Custom layout height gets overridden


I’m currently developing a Grid-Addon for vaadin with
and everything is working fine so far. I have a Connector, ClientRpc, ServerRpc, SharedState and I’m using the GWT ComplexPanel as widget.

The problem:
Gridstack needs controll over the layout-div and the first-level children of that layout (so it can manage it’s positions and size). Gridstack sets the height of the layout-div manually so that the layout is big enough to fit all children. It seems that sometimes vaadin overrides/removes this style attribute, I assume during the Layout-Phase, and the layout shrinks to 0px.

Is there a way to tell vaadin to not care about the size of a certain component and “just let it handle itself”?

Solution: When Gridstack updates the height, propagate the value to vaadin server-side via RPC and set the value in vaadin.