Custom HTML

Our company has build a prototype for a web application using Vaadin. As we have moved forward towards our go-live date, we have taken an approach to bring a web-design firm on board to develop the UI (HTML) look/feel of the page. The firm delivered us static html pages that look great for a public facing site.

The challenge we are facing is taking our existing code base in conjunction with the static HTML. We have been working on taking the existing HTML pages, and loading them into Vaadin using the CustomLayout component. In doing so we are modifying the static html to replace buttons with <div location=xxxx tags, and then injecting Vaadin components onto the page.

We are running into some difficulties getting the buttons to appear properly.

My questions are:

Is this the correct approach for taking static HTML and enabling it with Vaadin?

If so:

The static html pages used tags with images for the buttons. Is there a way to ignore all vaadin inherited css on the button controls and use only the css delivered from the design firm?