Custom Data Container - Strange size issue

Hi to all,

I’ve been trying to implement a custom container on my own, linked with a backend MongoDB connection.
My class is quite simple, it implements
interface, and its most important methods, such as nextItemId, prevItemId, size, getItem, etc.

It works nicely with something like 50.000 items in it, pagination has good performance, thanks to basic item caching.
But, I’m encountering a major issue when my database contains much more documents, eg. 1.000.000 items.

In this configuration, my view seems broken : my right scrollbar is not sized correctly, and I cannot scroll into distant pages.

I’ve attached a screenshot that displays clearly the issue.
On this view, I can barely scroll to document 30 or so (end of scrollbar).
My Vaadin version is 6.8.9

Is there a limit in container size() return value ? I’ve been browsing Vaadin sources, but I didn’t came across a relevant piece of code.

Thanks for any insight about this !

Best regards,

Nevermind, it seems like a firefox/iceweasel bug… the view works nicely with Chromium :-/


if you’re using Table in the UI to display the contents of your container, the issue could be that the table component has a row limitation which depends on the browser and row height used. From Table javadoc:

 * Scalability of the Table is largely dictated by the container. A table does
 * not have a limit for the number of items and is just as fast with hundreds of
 * thousands of items as with just a few. The current GWT implementation with
 * scrolling however limits the number of rows to around 500000, depending on
 * the browser and the pixel height of rows.