Custom Components/Widgets with Vaadin 7.7 and OSGi

In the Vaadin 7.7 release notes there’s the following line:

“OSGi currently does not work with client and client-compiler packages. Those should not be used with OSGi.”

After further investigation, I find that this is probable because the extracted GWT dependencies are not available as OSGi bundles.
We have some custom components with client code. These are OSGi bundles and contain both the client and the server code. With 7.7. these are no longer compilable (which was expected with the note in the release notes).
I suppose we could fix this by more strictly separating client and server code and only building the server code into OSGi bundles.
However, you write that it “currently” doesn’t work with OSGi, so are there plans to change that in the future? I didn’t find any tickets for this.