Custom CheckBox Widget

Hey guys,

im looking for the easiest way to write an simple CheckBoxWidget with nearly the same functionality as the native CheckBox.

The simple difference should be, that it looks always the same on all brwosers and OS and not like a native Button.

So in my mind there are several ways to achive that (im new to Vaadin7).

  • i can extend CheckBox and may manipulate the UI Widget refered to the standard component (?)
  • i can write an own component (ServerRpc, ClientRpc ,Connector,State, which all just extend the original ones and then may refer to a custom vCheckBox (?)
  • same as above just refer to an vButton (?)

Or is there some trick i doesn’t know ? Which way is the clearest and easyiest? Which one would mostly “feel” like a Vaadin7 Component ?

Thanks in advance

There’s the
add-on that you could use as a base (it’s not ported to Vaadin 7).