Current select value of Combobox doesn't update.

Hey all,

we currently have a problem with Vaadin comboboxes.

We made it possible to change the language of our page without a refresh of the full page.
To do this, we overriden the methode getItemCaption(Object itemId) of the Vaadin Combobox.

The problem is now that the current selected value of the combobox won’t get translated.
When we open the dropdownbox, the selectable values are translated though.
The only way to translate the current selected value, is by opening the combobox and clicking somewhere (not in the combobox itself).

All our Labels / TableHeaders etc get translated correctly, but we just can’t find how to translate that current selected combobox value.
We almost tried to call all methods already (repaint by example), but nothing works.

I hope someone had this problem already before and can help us out.

Thank you in advance!

I had exactly the same problem before. They way I solved it is to remove all items and add them back again (updating the caption at the same time).

FYI: there is now a ticket for a problem with the table that might be related to your problem: