CSS question re: Timeline

I am using the Timeline object, and I would like to change the graph background to ‘black’. I was able to do this by adding the following CSS element to my styles file (I found this in another question in the forum…)

canvas.v-timeline-widget-display-canvas {
background: black none repeat scroll 0 0;

The problem is that the Y axis values that are printed on the grid are also black, so they disappear. I would like to be able to change those strings to ‘white’.
But I’m a CSS novice, so I don’t know where to look to figure out how to identify those strings. This is really a general question - how can I find out what parts of an object are controlled by specific CSS entries? In this case, where do I find all the pieces of a Timeline object? I don’t see anything related to timeline in my themes directory, but I’m probably looking in the wrong places…



You can modify the style of the y-axis labels by adding this to your theme:


I find that the easiest way to find out what style names which apply to a certain element is to use Firebug (or another DOM inspector if your not using Firefox) and just select that element and see if it has any classname set and just use that one. Unfortunately it is not that easy every time and some times you will need to use multiple more specific CSS selectors to get around the default theme look-and-feel.

Thanks - I’ll give that a try…