CSS overriding in modal windows


i tried to change the color aspect of a modal yes/no confirmation window like this:

In Java:

confirmWindow.addStyleName( “dir” );

In my styles.css file (reindeer based) :

[font=Courier New]
.v-window-dir .v-window-header{ color: black; }
.v-window-dir .v-window-outerheader{ background: yellow; }

Yet the result is unchanged
So, defining the right selector seems to be a bit more complex (again).

Do i have the possibility to take a look at the source code to find out ?

Hmm, I don’t find any errors in your selectors, they should work.

Are you sure your theme gets loaded properly?

To check the correct selectors from the application, I strongly suggest you use Firebug (for Firefox), Web Inspector (for Safari and Chrome) or Developer Tools (for IE8/9) to see them. The only one you need to install yourself is Firebug, the others come bundled with the browsers.

Sorry for the wrong alert; apparently i had some deployment problems.
Now it works !

But thanks for the Firebug hint; that will help next time…