CSS Injection Not Wokring With Custom Theme

Hello Guys,

i have a problem with CSS Injection in combinations with an own Theme. I am using Vaadin 7.1.3 . In my Application I need CSS Injection. CSS Injection with “Page.getCurrent.GetStyles.add(…)” works fine but not in combination with an own theme.
In combination the layout in Firefox is correct but not in the Internetexplorer. For Example in the InternetExplorer the Component HorizontalLayout behaves like a Verticallayout: When I only use the css injection or my own theme everthing works fine.

What I have done:
1 HorizontalLayout includes 2 VerticalLayouts each 1 Label with a test caption.
The UI get an annotain @Theme(“mythemename”)…
I create an folder under “/WebContent/VAADIN/themes/mythemename” includes 1 File names styles.css
The styles.css imports: @import “…/reindeer/…”
The theme folder contains nothing expect this file with only one line.
With CSS Injection I change the color to red:
.label-test { color: red; }

The Result is a change from the layout in IE, only in the IE, firefox shows the correct layout.

I can not find any notice bug in bug tracker?
Is this a bug or I doing something wrong?


Sounds like you didn’t clear the browser cache in the IE.