CSS class '.v-table-focus' not removed when chaning focus

I’ve got this weird problem with Vaadin 7 beta5 and beta6 (I don’t know which is the version when the problem started to appear).

When I move focus in a TreeTable, it should add ‘.v-table-focus’ style to the row, which currently has focus, and when I move focus to different row, the previous row should have the style ‘.v-table-focus’ removed. That doesn’t happen. I’ve analysed whan happens in a TreeTable example in a Sampler (‘TreeTable, selections’) and it does work correctly: the ‘.v-table-focus’ is moved together with a focus.
The problem I observe manifests itself in a way, that after I click a few rows, all of them have the style added and all of them have dotted lines around cells. Please have a look at attached screenshots.

My TreeTable has 2 columns (50% / 50%) and hidden header in case that’s important.

Thank you in advance for any ideas.

Just a ping, trying to interest some knowledgeable people :slight_smile:

Hi Piotr,

This bug will be fixed in the upcoming beta 9.
See this ticket for more information: