Crud setting save and delete button invisible is not working anymore

I am facing the issue, that I can not hide the delete and the save-button from the crud. I thought it once worked, but I guess since the version 24.3.0 it changed.

I thought it is strait forward, with the function “getDeleteButton().setInvisble(true)” from the Crud but that does not change anything. Is this a but or did the api somehow change?

I investigated further, that it is possible to disable the delete button. But if I set the delete button to invisible after i set it disabled, the delete button is enabled again. I guess this is a bug?

kind regards

Hi, this seems to be a regression in V24.3. There is already ticket about it here:

(and there’s a workaround in the ticket that you might be able to use until it gets fixed)

(we’ve taken it into our backlog so hopefully fixed soonish)