for a long time i’ve been search the way to make the basic crud operations , but at this time i think i dont understand the work flow of JPA
when i create a JPA Container for example like this

private JPAContainer<Item> Items_Container;

I call this in the constructor

EntityManager em = Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory("testMySQL").createEntityManager(); CachingMutableLocalEntityProvider<Item> entityProvider =new CachingMutableLocalEntityProvider<Item>(Item.class,em); Items_Container = JPAContainerFactory.make(Item.class,"testMySQL"); Items_Container.setEntityProvider(entityProvider); i bind a table by this way where my table is contaclist

final Item Teamlist = new Item(); contactList.setContainerDataSource(Items_Container); so with all these things I wanna make a method that can add a entry with his form , delete , and update his form when i Select
Any Idea
y just read de SQL container Adreesbook but not help a lot.