Cross-Site Embedding a chart from a specific view??

I have a chart component from a specific view (not the main) of our Vaadin 8 website application (site that I would like to embed it to our companion PHP website (site

What we are aiming for is:

Only the embedded chart is displayed on the chosen page.
The chart will be updated whenever the chosen page is accessed or if possible, every 5-10 minutes since there’s new data coming into the DB.
There are fixed parameters (about five of them) that will be parsed in when the chart data gets refreshed.
Most of the sample code that I’ve seen embeds the entire page from site A to site B, which I am not sure whether if it is possible to embed on part of a component to. If so:

Are there specific parameters (e.g browserDetailsUrl, serviceUrl, etc…) that we need to modify or change in that specific view or the Main View?
According to the documentation, required parameters needed to be specified in the enter(final ViewChangeEvent event), so if we enter date range, and location, how will that be intepreted when entering that method?
The XS add-on is quite outdated as well, last updated in 2011, so is that approach still workable or is there a much updated approach that is better?
There’s a page previously: but unfortunately it is outdated.

Any help here is deeply appreciated.