creating polygons in google maps using vaadin

Hi All,

I am trying to implement the polygons creation and updation in google maps with vaadin.

here my planning is to create a polygon around a certain location in maps, and i would want to store those polygon coordinates into a table. same way I would want tot edit the polygon.

is there a possible way in vaadin framework to create and modify polygons?
please suggest me some working examples.

Thanks in Advance!


V-Leaflet, together with v-leaflet-draw, you can edit/create polygons. It supports also holes. You can get the data either as a multi array of Point objects (from the add-on) or as a popular JTS Polygon object (which you might use already in your backend).

If you are tied to using Google Maps as your backgroudn map, you can use v-leaflet-sharamov extension that allows you to have google maps layers on the background.