Creating custom system messages in Vaadin 6

I am trying to stylize the system messages in vaadin 6. I know you have to overwrite getSystemMessages() in the Application but I have a few concerns.

  1. Since getSystemMessages is static is it possible to localize the message for different languages?
  2. Overriding css for v-Notification-system only always me to change the look of the notification. Is there anyways I can change the layout or position of it?
  3. Do the system errors show up in production mode or only in dev?
  4. If system messages cannot be styled in this sense, is there a way to disable the messages and redirect the user to login?

Any response is appreciated.


  1. Localization System Messages
  2. Don’t think so but you could disable the normal messages and do your own Error handling using Notifications. Also you could try to change the position of the System Messages using css (margin, top/left/right/bottom, padding, …)
  3. They show up in both.
  4. Here is an example for routing to google if the session expires: custommessages.setSessionExpiredNotificationEnabled(false); custommessages..setSessionExpiredURL("");//Default or setting it to null will reload the current app

Thanks for the reply Marius! I I actually saw that localization system messages and have implemented something that is suitable. Vaadin 7 uses an interface for SystemMessages so it makes it much easier to localize then vaadin 6.