Creating a 2D array of buttons that represents a physical dimension ?

I am wanting to create an advertising space on my plaster cast (I broke my leg), this is for a charity fundraising idea.

The idea would be similar to this -

Essentially I will measure the dimensions of my broken leg plaster cast and then create a 2d mapped grid from it.

Each element in the grid would be 50mm x 50mm (pixels would be dpi specific)

The element would need to be represented by something, I was thinking of having a grid of buttons, however since my leg is an irregular 3D object, this doesn’t map to a purely 2D object.

Some rows would have more elements (e.g. calf region), whilst at the heel region there is not a large circumference

Any ideas how I could create this in Vaadin, or just do lots of horizontal rows?

p.s. If I am making a site for charity / fun idea, is it possible to arrange free usage of Vaadin Pro (is there someone I could contact?)

I don’t think you need Vaadin pro, the open source should be enough.

I don’t understand exactly what you want to build.

If you need irregular elements you could perhaps consider using an SVG with clickable shapes.
As a starting point there is a component in Directory: (disclaimer: I have not used it myself).
There is also a basic example in the Cookbook, though not very feature rich: