Create dynamic menus in Vaadin

Hello I’m new to web application development with vaadin and asked me to develop this for a web application.-_-

This application has different modules and menus desire to integrate all the modules in a main project, I want menus are generated as the modules are integrated to the application.

She also asked if vaadin is possible to create dynamic menus. :rolleyes:

I appreciate any input …

regards :grin:

You are probably not integrating modules at any time while the application is running, right? If that is the case, the “dynamic creation” of menus is in the startup of your application and in the user interface, which is Vaadin’s context, it is static.

Nevertheless, if speaking of dynamic UIs in general, Vaadin allows fully dynamic manipulation of the UI, including any menus.

hola :blink:
I am currently looking for examples, if I could help.

thanks :stuck_out_tongue: