Create a hybrid (client-server) application


can you explain how to create a hybrid application with Eclipse ?


What do you mean by a hybrid application? “Normal” Vaadin code is generally run on the server side.
Vaadin 7 components consist out of three classes: a server-side class (e.g. Button.class), a client-side class (VButton.class) and a connector class (e.g. i think VButtonConnector.class). Most of the client side logic is created using GWT but there also some Javascript components included.
If you want to create a normal Vaadin application have a look at the Book of Vaadin

I mean integrate GWT widgets with the server-side components using RPC, Connector, etc.
I want to combine server-side and client-side development.
Here’s a presentation about what I want to try :

Thank you for your answer.

You should have a look at the Custom Widgets chapter in this wiki:


I have created a Vaadin Widget as explained in the book (chapter 16.2).
I got :

  • myComponent
  • myComponentWidget
  • myComponentConnector
  • myComponentServerRpc and myComponentClientRpc
  • myComponentState

I filled them.
I put myComponent in the UI class to use it. But, when I run the application nothing happens.
I tried to debug it and here is what it says :

  • Uncaught client side exception
    (TypeError) : b is (TypeError) : b is undefined

-Uncaught client side exception
(TypeError) : G is (TypeError) : G is null

(cf. the attachment)

Can someone help me please ?



This looks like your client side code is throwing an exception. To be able to actually read what is thrown you should have a look at this:

Thanks your answer.
It looks like it works now.

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