Could Vaadin work for our Project

Hi Guys,

We are currently evaluating RIA frameworks for use on a large RFID project for a healthcare company and want to see if Vaadin would be able to fulfill our needs. We have narrowed it down to 3 frameworks (Vaadin, Cappuccino, and Sencha) though we are strongly leaning towards Vaadin due to how well it integrates with OSGI and because of the community and documentation.

The solution is a touch screen based solution that serves as a kiosk for medical personnel. The screens and the application being built is very simple and we are certain that Vaadin can provide a great user experience but we need to know if the framework can do the following:

  1. Performance and updating components - One of the key parts of a system are lists that update very very quickly. What is the supported framerate for let’s say a counter that is constantly updating the number of items moving through a certain doorway. Also let’s say there is a table with columns and cells that are updated very rapidly. Can vaadin handle such refereshes in a fast manner and through a pub/sub type mechanism.

  2. Touch UI - Since this is a touchscreen kiosk it needs to be very touch centric. The biggest requested feature is a touch screen keyboard. Are there any Vaadin widgets already that can bring up a keyboard on screen much like what the iPhone/iPad does? If not could one be built as a custom widget or as an add-on.

  3. Look and Feel of Native App - Can Vaadin (assuming it runs on Google Chrome) support running like a native application as described here:
    Installable Web Apps on Google Chrome

Thanks in Advance for your help. We like the Vaadin framework very much and hope that it can work for this project.

Also as a final note this is a very mission critical application and will require professional support and consulting services. Has anyone used Vaadin’s support or services and can comment on what their general impressions are in terms of response time, developer support and how fast the consulting can execute on hard tasks.


Some quick answers:

  1. We have done some measurements of a large number of test cases, but your case is very specialized. I really recommend doing the performance tests yourself with your particular data. I believe the
    add-on might be useful for fast updates.

  2. I’m not aware of any kiosk uses of Vaadin, though there might be some. Vaadin runs fine on iPhone/Pad, which has its own virtual keyboard. Implementing a virtual keyboard within a browser should be simple (I’ve done it for a web kiosk some 15 years ago with JavaScript so it can’t be much more difficult now).

  3. You can use Adobe AIR for that. See for example the