Could not find specified bundle with symbolic name: com.vaadin.spring.roo.a

Hello there!

It’s from a several weeks that I’m trying to download Vaadin addons for Spring Roo using:

addon install bundle --bundleSymbolicName com.vaadin.spring.roo.addon

but it gaves me this error:

Could not find specified bundle with symbolic name: com.vaadin.spring.roo.addon

Theese are some of the several threads I’ve found on Vaadin forum (pretty old?):!/thread/1725824/1725823!/thread/543243!/thread/611426

also tryed workarounds and tryed download it from Maven central repository and put inside Roo folder but once executed “addon list” it still not appears.

probably it’s the hundredth time that someone posts similar threads -but trust me- I tryed all ways and cannot get out from this issue… I’m getting mad :slight_smile:

I use STS 3.5.1 with Roo 1.2.5.RELEASE and also have the Vaadin plugin for Eclipse.
If you need any other informations, let me know.



An old post, but in case someone else stumbles upon this:

The Vaadin plug-in for Spring Roo hasn’t been actively maintained for a while and depends on an old version of Spring Roo. Furthermore, it only supports Vaadin 6.

I’d recommend looking into Spring Boot with Vaadin 7 instead of Roo. Searching for “vaadin spring boot” gives some blog posts and a sample project.