Copy Paste from WebApp to Desktop, how to?


I want to build something like this:

The user enter in some web address like
and then the application displays a folder icon, the user selects it, press ctrl+C, goes to the computer desktop and pastes with ctrl + V and the folder is copied. This folder is just a link to a Samba share.

There’s a way to do that?



I don’t think that this exact behavior is possible in Vaadin but the closest you might get would be using
to drag a file, image, text, … to the desktop.
You could also look if maybe there is an add-on which fulfills your need or if you can implement your own widget to do this kind of thing.

As far as I know, there is no way to do that without native browser extensions/plugins. The drag and drop solution proposed by Marius (with its limitations and possibly limited browser support) is the closest you can get without such extensions.