Copilot: element selection not possible


in Vaadin 24.4.1, after activating Copilot , I can’t select any element in order to go to the source as mentioned in the docs.
If I click on any Vaadin element in the UI, nothing happens.
The Copilot panels are enabled left/right /bottom but also on those panels, I didn’t find any possibility to select a UI element in order to go to the source within my IDE as it worked before. Very confusing …

My env:
Mac OS / Firefox / Chrome / IntelliJ / Vaadin Flow App with 24.4.1


Hard to say what the problem is. This is how a fresh Flow project works when I tested right now

As @Artur said it is working out of the box :(.

Could you share a video and maybe the project/repository you are using, maybe there is some extra configuration, or custom thingie there, that disturbs Copilot.

If possible, and then we could look into it.

I’ve had this problem with multi module projects where my components source is in a separate module creation a warning in the log “cant open file…” because it only looks at my current module / started application and not at the root of all my maven modules.