Cookies Disabled message


I am trying to support session across sub-domains eg.,, and to do so I’ve used the sessionCookieDomain attribute in the element of my tomcat configuration. I’ve forced the domain to be say ‘’.
Since the change I can’t make vaadin work anymore, I keep receiving the ‘cookies disable’ message.

Is vaadin using other cookies than the JSESSIONID ? What error could trigger the ‘cookies disable’ message (besides not activating cookies of course :wink: )

thanks in advance


There should be no other cookies used than the standard JSESSIONID.

The cookies disabled message is displayed if there is an UIDL request, which is not a full repaint, but there is no session id available (HttpServletRequest.getRequestedSessionId returns null). Typically there is first a “GET /” request and in this request the session id cookie is set. This is followed by a repaint all and the first user interaction then triggers the type of UIDL requests used to check for the presence of a session id.