Cookie problem, error (bootstrap failed)

Cookie problem. Check screenshots. Vaadin 8.7.0




This looks like cookies your app is creating, not Vaadin’s. So the problem resides, most likely, in your own code. As mentioned in the Q&A session (, browsers have a size limit for storing cookies (4000 bytes). From the screenshot, I can see there’s already almost 3000 bytes worth of cookies and the screenshot is not even complete, so I guess there are more.

I’d try removing the code that creates those cookies, deleting the cookies in the browser, and trying the app again. Please, let us know whether that solves the problem or not.

4000 bytes per cookie is the limit. (not 4000 bytes per all cookie stored)

afcourse this is our cookie, not vaadin ddddd

if we delete cookie app is working sure (jesus christ ddddd)

but we need this cookies, as the limit is 100 cookies per domain or so (so this is not a problem),also vaadin support 180 cookies or so

the problem is in bootstrap for sure, not in the app

just check the error and fix the bug

The 4K limit is for all cookies under a specific domain.