Cookie access?

Folks, is there a way to set Cookies upon a successful log in? I understand Vaadin sets it’s own VaadinSavedRequestAwareAuthenticationSuccessHandler, which effectively prevents setting using a custom AuthenticationSuccessHandler that could be used for accessing the servlet request to manage the cookies using httpSecurity.successHandler(…).

I have example of that in my Bookstore demo app, I am storing value to session attribute, and persisting the value to the cookie in a request handler.

In my case I have a language select in LoginView and the value is stored to cookie using this mechanism

My challenge is manipulating cookies on a successful log in.

If it is not an “httpOnly” cookie, I’d use BrowserCookie:

That is exactly the same use case I have in the demo app where user can select language in LoginView and I persist the value to cookie.