Contributing to ComboBox - How?


As many others I need a lazyloading Combobox with filters in the backend. So I assigned ticket
to myself and checked out the source.

But a lot of stuff regarding ComboBox and Filtering is not stable:

Container Filtering is changing(without specs for lazy-loading containers)

Completely new ComboBox has been proposed

So… If I want to help out developing a lazyloading ComboBox, should I really focus on help standardizing the Filter API for lazy-loading containers - or should I just change the current ComboBox to use the “deprecated” filter API?

Best Regards
Michael Krog

The new filtering API and implementation is in Vaadin 6.6 trunk, comments to it are welcome. It is still waiting for some review and small cleanup.

A big part of the changes for an initial version of lazy loading for ComboBox are in my workspace but not yet committed. It is my fault that I had not accepted the ticket, I also had many filtering tickets open at the same time (still pending review) and I missed this one. I now took over the ticket, but review, comments and possibly patches would be welcome. I will soon try to commit the changes I have to the 6.6 branch if you want to take a look and help with this.

Implementing this is somewhat more complicated than what it might seem, as many of the item caption modes of AbstractSelect cannot be implemented lazily (only the ITEM_CAPTION_MODE_PROPERTY can be handled cleanly), and I am trying to avoid breaking API in 6.6. It looks like no changes on the client side are needed, though.