Contrib: Language Translation Api

Wrapper over the top of the Google Language Translation API (
Google Translate

Source in
Vaadin SVN for Translation Api wrapper

Translations as good or bad as Google makes them :grin:

Looks nice!

Google is very good in guessing what language the text is (auto detect), but the actual translations arenโ€™t so goo. One idea.

There was
discussion about the translation mechanisms
earlier. I think that it would be possible to build a generic translation administration on top of Vaadin. The best way to translate an application is to run the application and do the translation directly to the application in-place (rather than to separate property files).

  • Translate captions and descriptions
  • Use setData/getData to store translation keys (with context key)
  • Machine translate automatically using this Google Translate API
  • In-place translator window (for system administrators) bound to view and component

โ€ฆ just thinking out loud.