Continuous Scrolling DesignPattern with Vaadin?

Hey guys,

Continuous scrolling UI DesignPattern seems to be very popular recently.

I wonder how that would be doable with Vaadin. Is there already a component which could be used in that way and I’m just missing it? Can I add something like a scrollListener to a panel? I guess table should have some kind of scrollHandler, I also saw it in the GWT sources but could not find a way to add anything like that to the standard Vaadin Components.


Maybe LazyLayout addon!addon/lazylayouts

I’ve searched about scroll listener and this addon is the best solution for me.


Thank you very much - I will give it a try!

Did you try it?

Can anyone confirm that it works in Vaadin 7.4.6 ?

Hi ted,

sorry, did not implement it yet.
I ran into different problems meanwhile and postponed the testing of LayzLayout to a later phase - using plain old buttons currently.

But honestly I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t work with Vaadin 7.4.6


You’ll never know untill try :slight_smile:

maybe you should try it out yourself then :stuck_out_tongue:
If I try it out I will report back here for sure. But as I said - currently postponed - can’t say when I’ll get to it

I have tried already. Did not work. Thus my post here.

I have finally compiled it with Java 8.