Contents of Vaadin’s components can be moved off screen using mouse wheel

Hello All,

I’ve come across with a strange behavior of Vaadin’s components in the Google Chrom browser. In two words, a content of Vaadin’s components can be moved outside the limits of window using mouse wheel.

To reproduce this issue the table with lazy loading from the Vaadin’s sampler can be used. Just press a mouse’s wheel and drag a cursor to the left or to the right.
In general this behavior is specific for any table which has a scroll bar.

Does anyone know why it happens? And how to get it to work correctly?

I’m using Vaadin 6.6.3, Google Ghrom 14. On the Firefox and IE all works correctly.

Thanks for help,

This is a bug in Chrome 14, fixed in Chrome 15. For more details, see the Chrome bug report:


Thanks for the answer.