Content inside tabsheet refresh everytime i switch tab.


I am using vaadin 7.1.10 and I am having table inside a tabsheet tab. At a time i create multiple tabs and execute different queries and it returns results on each of the tabs. when i switch between tabs i see the whole content getting reload/rerender as if it is loading for the first time. This gives a bad user experience.

In the tabsheet i have implement selectedTabChangeListener and have the below method

public void selectedTabChange(SelectedTabChangeEvent event) {
//inside i just hide/show a layout nothing related to this table or tab

I am not able to figure out if this is an issue with tabsheet or tab or anything else. could you please help?

i even tried upgrading it to 7.2.4 from 7.1.10


There are other threads about this on the forum. Basically the issue is that if keeping the components on the client side once a tab has been shown, more client side memory is needed and the non-visible components potentially need to be updated constantly with push.

Not using a TabSheet but a layout where the components are present but not visible on the client side and buttons for switching “tabs” can be a workaround, and can be themes to look more or less like a TabSheet.