Connection problems error message on long execution method

I have the following problem. I’ve got a project which frontend is vaadin and methods are called on backend by WebServices.
There are some methods whose execution takes time (for ex 3 min.). But when I call them from Vaadin project, after 60 sec, “Connection problems” message shown. Where can I change this 60 sec value?

Three minutes? Ouch. You should definitely run the backend communications in a separate thread and show the results when it is finished. That way the UI doesn’t get locked up.

You can use the
or the Refresher add-on to follow the progress and update the UI once the backend task is finished. You could also use server push, as described in
this post
a Knowledge Base article
if you’re a subcriber.

Thank you, for the quick answer!
I’ll try it and report results.

I’ve finally implemented and tested solution with separate thread and progress indicator.
It works great! Thank you again!

or you can use icepush addon to push data to the client.