connection lost ~vaadin 23.x

When developing application using vaadin 23.x starter template spring boot , I came a cross ‘Connection lost’ and the frontend components vanish when my internet is intermittent. I haven’t specified @PWA for offline capability. On checking the browser developer network option, vaadin-cache -x.js file is not loaded unlike instances when there is internet. Note that am not using prime /licensed components.
What maybe the best workaround for this?

If you’re developing locally, your internet connection shouldn’t be the issue as the server is on your computer

When does this happen? During DevTools reloads?

Both instances, even after generating the production package

have also excluded the devtools but still the experience is the same

What error is the network inspector showing for those requests?

Just wondering, are you developing without an active internet connection? That is currently broken because the navigator API isOnline is used

@quirky-zebra good question… When developing am on active internet, but when testing simulating let’s say fitness of Vaadin say for an Iot platform it’s good to know workaround for such scenarios in this issue is a workaround

Thanks @quirky-zebra for reference it has worked <:vaadin:784055596256985100>