Confusion about CustomComponent and layouts

Forgive me if this a newbie question. I’m a Vaadin newbie, but an experienced developer.

I’m using a CustomComponent to use the Vaadin wysiwyg editor to create an login form. A few questions I’ve run across:

  1. It seems like the main layout of a CustomComponent
    has to be
    an AbsoluteLayout. Is this actually the case or am I looking at it wrong?
  2. There seems to be no FormLayout available in the wysiwyg editor. Is this the case or have I found a bug? If it’s supposed to be that way, then why?
  3. I’ve added a VerticalLayout to my AbsoluteLayout to layout my login form elements. Is this sort of thing (layout within a layout) recommended with CustomComponents?
  4. I’m having all sorts of weird problems with layouts and the wysiwyg. One minute, it looks ok, but if I drag my VerticalLayout just a little bit, it either expands to much or moves to a different part of the screen. Is this a common problem? Do most folks not even use the wysiwyg and stick to laying out by hand?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

  1. It should work with other types layouts as well.
  2. I found at least this ticket
    about missing visual editing of FormLayout
  3. Layouts can be nested and most of the time you have to do so. However more simple hierarchy is easier to maintain and gives a better performance in the browser. Avoid overly complicated structures, but also optimize only when it’s necessary not in advance.
  4. I never use any visual editors whether it’s Vaadin, GWT or something else, but that’s perhaps just me. There are a lot of people at least wanting to have a good visual editor support. Vaadin Visual Designer has its own shortcomings. If you find a weird behavior or an obvious bug, don’t hesitate to file a ticket in

My apologies for the delay in replying…for some reason the forum didn’t notify me that the question was updated. I appreciate your answer. I’ve switch to coding by hand and it’s much easier this way. I can see some cases where the WYSIWYG editor might help, but for me raw code is working well.

Eeek! What a pain…

I use the visual editor for the initial layout. Saves hand-coding all of that boilerplate code. Even with the visual editor quirks (resizing issues, etc.), I can more or less ignore them and trust that the eventual rendered page will not have the same quirks.

After dealing w/ the initial layout visually, I then switch over to source mode to make other changes.