conditional stylesheets

Any way conditional stylesheets can be used with Vaadin? Do i have to detect and fix IE problems by adding css programatically? Anyone who has had experience with this please share?

Can we get a separate css sheet for every browser support?
Or does it exist (couldn’t find any such thing)?
Basicly the stuff in the link below can be added to Vaadin stylesheet loading:

The way i see it there would be a central stylesheet, overriden by each browser specific stylesheet, that the user gets. In case anything misbehaves in any browser, the developer overrides in the browser specific css instead of hacking (which takes more time i think).

Vaadin adds a lot of class names to the body element in your application so you can make browser-specific styling. For instance using ie8 in ie7 mode adds

to the body element so you just have to prepend your rules with, e.g., [quote]
[/quote] to make an Internet Explorer 7 specific rule.