Comprehensive Form


I am new to Vaadin and starting with Vaadin 14.

Do you have examples of comprehensive forms with headers and sections. All the forms shown are simple with 4-8 fields.

I am looking to understand how to organise and structure larger groups of information.

There does not seem to be a panel or grid to encapsulate groups of fields.

Any advice/samples/tutorials would be appreciated.


There is Complex form example on Accordion examples page

I am not claiming you should use Accordion. This is just one possible example how to splice down a complex form to edible pieces. Dialogs, Tabs, different layouts, can be used. You may want to e.g. bundle some fields to a layout and then set that visible or not depending if input is needed. Good example case could be if user needs to input optionally different delivery address and billing address, but not allways.

There is example of wizard add-on here

Regarding Grid + Form combo, there is CRUD component

As well as example of Master Detail view in application base generator.

The framework itself does not pose limitations, I would say this is more a UX and data design challenge for you. You need to understand the nature of your data, what logical parts it has and what is the most natural way to present those to the user.