Compound buttons in Reindeer?

I’ve been looking at the compound buttons in the Chameleon theme and would like to use them. But unfortunately our application uses the Reindeer theme. Would copying segment.css from Chameleon to Reindeer suffice or is there more wizardry involved?

How about just using the

Yes, ButtonGroup is probably the closest bet. It works with both Vaadin 6 and 7. I have personally not tested it with two or three last betas but once the RC1 is out, which is soon, ButtonGroup will definitely support it.

ButtonGroup is close, but I don’t think it has a ‘down’ style like the compound buttons in Chameleon have. Or does it?

No, unfortunately it does not. Do you mean like toggle button so that it would stay pressed? This could for example be achieved with nicely themed checkbox.

I’d like to have a horizontal array of compound buttons which behave as radio buttons. I.e.: the latest selected one stays ‘down’. CSS is not my strong point I’m afraid so custom styling of checkbox or any other component is unfortunately beyond me.