Components in Component Column never gain focus in TreeGrid

Hi Vaadin Team,

i have a Treegrid with a Component Column with Textfields or Datepickers in it. But the components can not be focused, as
after the click the focus is immediatly set to the row. This works fine in a normal Grid.

I already tried to disable row selection or the new function .setWidgetEventsAllowed(false), which by default already is set to false,
with no success.

Can you help me with this problem or can you tell if this should be fixed like in the Grid soon?

Kind regards,

Based on your description you have tried Vaadin 8.3.0.alpha1 with new feature that should allow to control this, there was another comment here that it is not working as expected.

I first tried with 8.2.0 to archieve the same behavior with a component column in a TreeGrid as in a Grid. It seems that there is some inconsitency. When i create each Grid, Grid and TreeGrid, with a component column with a Textfield in it the Grid focuses the TextField when it is clicked, the TreeGrid focuses the row instead and the Textfield looses focus.

Example code:

HorizontalLayout horizontalLayout = new HorizontalLayout();

TreeGrid treeGrid = new TreeGrid<>();
treeGrid.setItems(“test1”, “test2”);
treeGrid.addComponentColumn(item → new TextField());

Grid grid = new Grid();
grid.setItems(“test1”, “test2”);
grid.addComponentColumn(item → new TextField());

horizontalLayout.addComponents(treeGrid, grid);