component with zero width and height

Hello everyone,

does anyone have an idea, why a component (a Table with two rows), would have the inline style="width: 0px; height: 0px; " in its markup? Most of the child elements also have at least “width: 0px” specified. When does the client engine decide “this component will have zero width and zero height” ? I already tried a lot of things, including wrapping it in different layouts (in the current markup screenshot I had CustomLayout), specify sizes, use undefined size, etc. It’s a CustomComponent with a setCompositionRoot(table) at the end of its constructor and it is added into a layout somewhere else. The other things are visible, only this table is collapsed because of the zero dimensions in inline styles…

Thanks for any ideas,


Hi Martin,

It’s possible put a code snippet of your component? Maybe the constructor?



Adding ?debug to the URL of your application will show the debug window.
Click on “Analyse Layout” (or “AL”, it depends on version) in that window to have Vaadin check your layouts are OK.
Usually looking at the messages in that window and fixing the errors will fix 0 sized components.

chapters 11.4.1 and 11.4.2