component in Table won't display

I am using 7.1.0, and am wondering if I ran into a bug and should update to a newer version.

The code I am working on has lots of tables, but they are display only and can’t be edited. I’m trying to change one of them to have a column of TextFields. However, my new TextFields won’t display. I chased down the problem to paintRow() in Table. Lines 3781 is
if ((iscomponent[currentColumn]
|| iseditable || cells[CELL_GENERATED_ROW]
!= null)
&& Component.class.isInstance(cells[CELL_FIRSTCOL
+ currentColumn][indexInRowbuffer]
)) {
However, cells[CELL_GENERATED_ROW]
[ is an array of nulls, so nothing gets displayed. But this code doesn’t make any sense. I’m not trying to generate any cells. It is just a normal component. Do I need to tell the Table that the column in question is generated? Or change something else in my code? Or is this a bug and I just need to get a newer version and see if it is fixed?


Could you show a bit code how you added the TextFields? Did it work before?