Component Autocomplete field license

Good morning Vaadin

Quick question concerning this autocomplete field:

What exactly is the license situation here?
Is this a free to use or is this a vaadin+ component?
Or do we just need to buy the corresponding apache license?

Thanks for your answer
Regards Timo

@enterprising-alligator this is a free component

IMO there are no commercial components in the 3rd party directory

wow that was quick. Thanks, that’s perfect :raised_hands:

Yes, it’s free. The Vaadin Component Factory add-ons used to be restricted to people with a Prime license, but they were made free about 2 years ago.

Also, the Apache 2 license is a very liberal open source license: Apache License, Version 2.0

I think there are also some Vaadin Pro components in the Directory (for historical reasons)

unfortunately they’re not very clearly marked as commercial, but they should all have a link to the commercial license in the sidebar

I think I have to checkout the Vaadin Component Factory add-ons more often. There are some that I’ve implemented myself a while ago like Lookup Field - Vaadin Add-on Directory

As a related aside, autocomplete began failing to work for us after upgrading 14.8.18 to 14.9.x.

There’s an issue raised for it in the componentfactory repo.