Component at right of a FormLayout


I use a FormLayout to have the presentation Caption and Field on a line.
I would like to know if it’s possible to add a component (a Label in my case) on the same line, at the right of a TextField for example, because I created a counter of characters and I have to put it on the same line.

I tried to play with different layout but there is always a problem.

Thanks for your help.


Hello, Marnin.

Maybe you could add your field and the label in an HorizontalLayout and next set a caption to the horizontal layout and it to the FormLayout.

You’d have something like:

Form Layout
- Horizontal layout with caption
​ ​ - Your field
​ ​ - Label

Kind regards,

Hello Felype,

It works but the problem is that I have to put to puts other elements in a FormLayout which is the main Layout.
And when I put FormLayouts like you described in a FormLayout, there is a big space between the border of the page and the caption of the field.

How could i make this space disappear ?

Thanks a lot,


No sorry, it works when i put a Caption on the Layout and not on the Field !

Thanks !