complex layout problem

I have attached a screenshot of my layout

basically it is a personal todo list:

  1. select a task from the grid
  2. the selected task’s details appear on the bottom left of the screen
  3. the comments related to the selected task appear on the botton right of screen

I have a few problems with this layout:

  • the vertical scrollbar doesn’t show up when there are more comments in the list than the visible area
  • the posted at part of each comment (a verticallayout) is cutted down (the hole date is not visible)
  • the whole right panel is a wider than it should be

The bottom part of screen is a horizontallayout with 2 werticallayout in it
And of course the commentlist is a Panel ( to have scrollbars)

I have tried to add some css classes to style thing , but i had no luck

If I am right, my problem is somewhere around setSizeFull(), setSizeUndefined(), setExpandRatio()

But I dont know exatly how to cope with these problems

Please help me

Any help suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Ps: unfortunately the image is a bit large so you have to scroll or open in a new window to see the entire picture

put the vertical layout inside a panel, and put VL to hight undefined (default) and panel to setSizeFull();. This will give you scrollbars. Layouts don’t support directly scroll bars, that’s why you need a panel.

My best guess is that you your own CSS in there that makes the content wider than it should be. Specifying margins, paddings and borders is a easy way to break the layout. :slight_smile: Try removing all custom css that is meant for that part, and see if it fixes the width. Then you can start adding the css back slowly until you find what is breaking it.