Complex form with tabs and proper validation


I am very new to Vaadin world but I am very impressed after reading couple of tutorials and viewing examples so I want to try it in new project.

Project will have a lot of complex forms, and after research I don’t see some out of the box solution to make this.
I imagined that the form might look like this:

I read that this can be done by overriding attachField method but there could be some problems with bindings like shown in this thread:

Is there any example how to make that kind of complex form with tabs and validation (each tab could have icon showing validation false if some value of field on that tab is inproper).

Thank you in advance for your help.

You can do so by adding various vertical or absolute layouts. And then you can add those textboxes on the layout.
For your second form you can make a tabsheet and them add it to the layout.

Layouts are not the problem. But how to make some indicator on each tab when validation fails on fileds on that tab etc.
Can I count on an very simple example?

If you want something like in the attachment, u cant do it of your own as they are vaadin validations.
They are invoked when you enter wrong type of data in the component. eg. If u enter string or int in a datefield.
You can instead use notifications to tell the user that what type of validation has failed.