Compiling Widget Set in NetBeans producing errors

Hello everyone, I’m new to Vaadin so my apologies if this is really basic.

I’m starting to work on a legacy Vaadin NetBeans project that lacks proper documentation, presently going through the many libraries missing so that I can at least compile the thing. One of these libraries is a Vaadin add-on, Invient Charts. I downloaded this add-on and followed the
install instructions
up to the compile-widgetset section. When I run this command I get loads of errors like this:

package com.invient.vaadin.charts does not exist
import com.invient.vaadin.charts.InvientCharts;

It seems as though the reference to the library isn’t taking effect. What can I do make sure NetBeans is accessing the add-on? Any information I can post to further trace the problem?

Thank you,


I’ve finally managed to get the project correctly referencing the Invient Charts Add-on. Two things were required:

. A direct reference to the Invient Charts jar, not just to its install folder;

. The usage of version 0.8.4, which was originally used in the project.