Compiling Add-on in multiproject Module

Hi Vaadin guys,

Our project is a multimodule Maven project composed like that

–client.jar containing UI built in components depending on vaadin library
–webapp.war containing css stylesheet , application configuration and some images resources

We need to add severals good add-on we found on directory.

We succeed into using some addon-on by building only one web project containing java classes and by using tutorial on a maven project with vaadin-maven plugin but how can we achieve that by using a multimodule project ?

As far as I know, vaadin sources have to be in the same project as widgetSet wich for me has to be in webapplication because it deals with javascript files.
But it break dependencies hierarchie as vaadin sources are in our client.jar.

If someone is using this hierarchical project structure can you advice us on how to includes add-on in multi-modules projects ?

Thx in advance,

I succeed in configuring my two projects

in fact, we just have to declare dependencies to add-on on .jar project
In web project, create a widgetset.gwt.xml skeleton and configure here gwt-maven plugin and vaadin-maven-plugin

Now only result compilation of widgetset are in our webapplication and java classes still stay in our jar project

Of course this can be achieve only if web project depend on jar project.