Compile custom widget in a Vaadin portlet

Hello !

I created a new Liferay Vaadin portlet with Liferay IDE. In this portlet, I added a custom widget I’d like to compile. But I can’t because my project is not recognized as a Vaadin project.

Has anyone already met this problem ?

Kevin should help you. Basically in a portal the widgetset (and the Vaadin jar) is in the portal and not in the project so you need to add the add-ons to the portal and recompile the portal widgetset (using the control panel add-on).

That’s what I’ve done first but my portlets are not visible in the portal anymore…

Actually, my portlets are visible but load indefinitely.

My PortalDefaultWidgetset was corrupted. I have replaced it with the original from liferay bundle and everything works fine now !